Paula is a creative leader with a wealth of industry experience, known for her substantial contributions in different creative agencies and Tech industry.
Paula´s career at Meta stands out for proven expertise in creative strategies for clients, resulting in a track record of generating millions of dollars in client media investment on Meta per year. 
Throughout her career she has held prominent positions at leading advertising agencies in Buenos Aires, including Grey and Publicis, where she served as a creative director. 
Her exceptional work has been acknowledged and celebrated at numerous major international award shows, has actively contributed to the industry by serving on award juries and is a sought-after speaker at renowned global conferences.
META - Argentina 
Creative Strategist  2018 - 2023
Paula's five-year journey at Meta was marked by her leadership in the AR and content creators domain, her transformational impact on brand strategies, and her ability to generate remarkable results. 
Her expertise and contributions played a significant role in her life at Meta. She played a pivotal role in redefining the adoption of augmented reality (AR) technology among brands. With her AR skills and expertise, Paula worked closely with various brands (Unilever, J&J, Movistar, Despegar, Loreal, etc), crafting innovative campaigns that harnessed the power of AR to generate impact and drive action.
Paula was at the forefront of the creators' content revolution from its inception. She championed the use of AR with content creators, elevating storytelling and immersive experiences to new heights. Her work also lies in leveraging emerging trends to align creators with brand objectives, resulting in the development of innovative and impactful mobile-first assets.
Paula's contributions extended beyond campaign execution; she actively participated in transforming brand strategies in both branding and performance campaigns. Paula developed the ability to focus on impact and understand revenue implications by delivering exceptional results, combining her creativity, technical acumen, and a keen understanding of the business.
Creative Director 2017 - 2018
During her tenure at Grey, Paula assumed the pivotal role of Creative Director, leading a dynamic team of creatives, designers, project managers, and community managers. Specialising in integrated campaigns and digital content exclusively for Toyota, she played a crucial role in establishing and solidifying Toyota's strong brand presence as a mobile first company. 
Furthermore, Paula's significant contribution goes beyond her professional achievements. Her role as a woman in the traditionally male-dominated car industry has served as an inspiration to many, challenging gender stereotypes and promoting inclusivity. Through her achievements and determination, Paula has become an advocate for diversity and equality within the field.
Creative Director 2011 -  2017
As a creative director at Publicis, Paula not only honed her expertise across strategy, presentations, and post-production for prominent brands like Renault, Nestlé, Purina, Citibank, and Carrefour, but also showcased her exceptional leadership abilities. She successfully led a team of senior and junior creatives, orchestrating their collective efforts to deliver outstanding results.
One such notable achievement was the Renografías project, where Paula not only played a pivotal role in the creative process but also spearheaded the team's interactions with international brand CMOs. This campaign was recognized with multiple awards, including Cannes Lions, and established itself as the international benchmark for digital car campaigns.
Art Director 2010 – 2011
Art Director 2009 - 2009
Art Director 2004 - 2009
Creativity Profesor (In-house and e-learning classes) 2005-2017
Art Director 2003 - 2004

Diplomatura: Experto en creatividad y planificación estratégica (Magister - Creative Strategist Planner)
Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Spain
2001 - 2004
Licenciatura en Publicidad (Bachelor’s Degree in advertising)
Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (UCES). Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2002 – 2004
Creativo Junior (Art Director Graduated)
Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios. Buenos Aires - Argentina
Key highlights of my qualifications include:
Proven track record in developing and executing creative strategies that drive incremental revenue. 
Scaled work globally and led campaigns across several verticals
Extensive experience leading and managing creative teams, fostering collaboration, and inspiring innovative thinking.
Deep understanding of social media platforms, trends, and best practices.  Led the creative strategy that defined the go-to-market positioning and first principles for brands in social media.
Strong analytical skills, allowing to gather insights from data and translate them into actionable strategies.
Communication and presentation abilities, enabling effective stakeholder management and client relationships.

Spanish. Native
English. First Certificate Degree - Professional level
Italian: Celli 2 Degree

- Cannes Lions: 1 Silver 1 Bronze
- Diente Círculo de creativos: 1 Gold, 14 Silver, 8 Bronze
- New York Festivals: 1 Bronze.
- FIAP: 1 Gold, 1 Silver.
- El Sol Festival: 1 Silver.

If you got here you will not leave without knowing that Im also crazy about plants 

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